Is It A Utopian Concept

The aforementioned world order may appear inconceivable today. Why should America give up its privileges or Russia permit its allies to take a soft stand? Why China would allow its vast land to be distributed amongst others? Would the oil producing countries share their resources with aliens? It is unlikely that anyone would voluntarily agree to this arrangement in the normal course - particularly the nations which are prosperous and privileged ones. On the other hand, the under-privileged weaker nations hardly have a leverage to exert for a global redistribution of resources. In the present environment, it may appear that whatever is being said here is impossible to happen. But God's ways are strange. It should be remembered that man has never been able to predict the future course of history. During the last few years, everywhere in the world, unimaginable revolutionary changes have taken place in political, financial and educational fields. The transformations, which this world has seen in economic and political scenario between the first and the second world wars and thereafter, have been extraordinary and were perhaps beyond any stretch of imagination for the contemporary people. For instance the changes which took place in Europe between the rise and fall of Hitler could hardly have been thought of earlier. The events to happen should, therefore, not be viewed in the background of present environment.

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