Reconcile To The Inevitable

Divine activities and creations are all miraculous. Out of a pitch dark cold night, suddenly appears the bright glowing globe of the sun. Being used to this phenomena, man does not consider it a miracle, which it is no doubt. In a clear sky, all of a sudden from nowhere clouds appear and within moments cover man and beast alike with a heavy downpour. This, no doubt, is greatly amazing.

The end of all wars is imminent and it is the WILL OF GOD. Let man mend his ways according to HIS desire. Since the armaments created by man for global destruction are going to be inactivated, let the sensible people also consider changing the present borders of countries which are illogical and damaging from the point of view of cause and consequences. This change would not depend upon superiority or might of man with which the more powerful pulls apart the larger chunk of flesh, but on necessity of nature, which desires humanity to survive and live in peace for a long time. Hence, instead of having skirmishes now and then, it would be much better for man to take decisions once for all after considering all pros and cons. It has to be done, since God desires man to do so.

Humankind would not be permitted to remain fragmented. Differential treatment of man on the basis of caste, class or sex is not justified. On the same principle, a particular class of people occupying a certain land cannot be considered as its owner. History and tradition can no longer be quoted to justify a claim on territory, since in the new world order, the most ancient doctrines are going to be replaced by the most recent ones.

When this planet came into existence and man appeared on it there were no borders separating communities into countries, castes and colour. Man roamed all over the earth depending upon his convenience. He stayed wherever life-sustaining resources were available. It is in the nature of man to love and live together with other persons in groups. Man is not a loner. Then what has happened now to make him seek alienation and confrontations? In days to come, whoever would make an endeavour to hoard things for his own self would suffer serious consequences of envy. The concept that the more affluent and privileged class is favorite of God and is more virtuous and fortunate is no longer tenable.

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