The Divine Will

Let it be known that the divine powers are now going to force all militant and aggressive powers to accept a lasting treaty of peace. The big powers are today threatening each other of consequences of starting a war. Under these circumstances, those who do not intend to be wiped out are advised to see reason and boldly retreat. The war which appears imminent would not take place. It is my assurance and prophecy that this war will be definitely deferred. For the time being the I.C.B.M.s will not be launched. But is it going to save the humankind? A war is not waged with explosives only. The real war is the war of economics of acquisition of resources. So long the borders between the nations exist separating man from man, new frontiers of war would open and humankind would continue to face disaster.
Now God Almighty is going to provide a collective one-time solution to all human problems. Not only there will be a deterrent to the nuclear war, the boundaries separating the countries, which various class and groups of people have drawn for forcible occupation by virtue of their superiority, would also be removed. None of the countries shown in today's political map of the world would remain as such in future. “A Global Nation” Will come into existence and the land on this earth redistributed and reclassified according to industrial requirements and transportation needs of humankind as a whole.

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