The New World Order

Those having faith in God believe that he is capable of stopping a global confrontation. They may also add one more conviction to their faith that he is going to redraw a new map for the world and formulate new rules and regulations for its inhabitants. The cloth on which the map of the world was drawn now become worn and tattered. It can no longer be used with repairs. This dress, which belonged to the little three-year old world, can no longer be worn. The world has now grown to become twenty-three years old. Hence it needs a totally new attire. I am ordained by God for this work. The rulers of the world will be compelled to change their ways and desist from talking in terms of war. They will be motivated to withdraw their belligerent stands and withhold their

armaments. The intellectuals amongst the masses will also be forced to declare the existing political organizations unsuitable for humankind. They will inform people that the traditional, historical demarcation of countries has become outdated and infructuous. That in the changed environment new arrangements were needed and will be made. “One Nation for Global Humankind” would no longer remain merely an ideal. Now divine powers would create a suitable framework for the same, in which the philosophy of life as “Live and Let live” and “Global Brotherhood” will not only be appreciated but also adopted by the humankind. In order to achieve this objective, Divinity would usher in a revolution in the existing philosophies and man will see it as a regeneration of the degenerated world.

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