Social Reforms

Under the reformative projects of “Yug Nirman Yojna”, the mission has successfully worked in many parts of India towards eradication of blind faith, religious fundamentalism and insane customs like dowry, expensive marriages and funeral rites, addictions, etc. Mass awareness for these is created by the organization of large-scale Deepa-Yagyas and religious functions and “Pragya Puran Kathas”.

As per the records more than 100 thousand ideal marriages were performed in Shantikunj, during different ashwamedh yagyas, in worldwide samskar mahotsavas. The number of such marriages performed in the Shaktipeetha is around 24,000 per year. This altruist service is continued since past 25 years that helped the nation's economy too by preventing hundreds of crores of rupees from shear wastage. Without any dowry, constraints of caste and community, expensive celebrations and barriers of caste -has been a remarkable social reformative activity of the mission. 

Psycho-social Engineering

* Transformation of personality through special educational and Sadhana Satras.

Activities of National Reconstruction : Eradication of Blind Faith, Ignorance and Illiteracy.

Regular Training's : Practical training for grass-root work in the rural areas and for psychological and educational uplifting of the masses.

Ascent and Empowerment of Women

Ascent and empowerment of women from religious and social Platform has been an integral part of the social reconstruction program of the Gayatri Pariwar Mission. 

Most remarkable has been its initiatives to revive the glory of women from the religious platform. In the Hindu society, where, since the medieval times, women were kept behind the veil and were not supposed to chant Vedic mantras, we can now see hundreds of women priests chanting Vedic mantras, conducting all kinds of Vedic religious rituals and guiding thousands of men and women. Not only that, they are leading many of the mission's social reformative activities. Groups of women (called “Brahmvadini Tolis”) go to different parts of the country and organize special 3-4 days social awareness programs for uplifting women's conditions. 

Women's education and cultural ascent is given impetus here to enable the better half of the human society play its role most efficiently and effectively. Several of the self-employment schemes under the self-reliant development programs of the mission are women-oriented.

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