Scientific Spirituality

it was in my mind to prepare facilities for authentic research in regard to integration of science and spirituality, which is convincing on the basis of logic, facts and scientifically verified results. How research work should be conducted in respect of investigations into deeper realms of Soul-Spirit? What is the scientific basis of sadhana and upasana?  How could mental faculties  be trained and developed by sadhana? How could medical science of the ancient Rishis (Ayurveda) be revived for restoration and maintenance of physical and mental health? How does the power of sound produced by uttering Gayatri mantra and the energy produced by the fire of yagya make a person pious and powerful and how is his body energised with life-force to make him capable of struggling against adverse circumstances? How could humanity be benefited in the present times by conducting fresh researches and experiments in matters relating to astronomical science? I have given new forms to such aspects of research, which are being conducted here according to the Atharva Vediya Rishi traditions. I have made a beginning and created a model as a guideline for the intelligentsia. I will go on encouraging and guiding all these efforts indirectly. It is my hope that the entire community of scientists would think and move ahead in this direction so that they may be able to apply their pragya  in conducting research in the realm of spiritual science. My determination to be of benefit to mankind by my manisha and researches is taking a concrete shape during my ongoing Sukshmikarana sadhana, the results of which will be known in future.

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