Child Education and Development

Child Education & Development :- Educating a child should be holistic, not just process of filling them with information. Needs for complete development of body and mind should be looked into .

Gayatri Pariwar is taking a note of educating children being denied access to school or being expelled from school for inability to pay fees or uniforms . GPYG B has been formulating strategies to help economic backward students by taking responsibility of their partial or full fees annually thus reducing the cost of them attending the school. Due to resources constraint only few students are benefited from this project.

If the corporate group provides the necessary back up the same could be extended to many students.Corporates could provide provision for free uniforms , textbooks, computers, notebooks etc

Child development is 'an innovative school and service program for children and their communities in both rural & urban India.'

Gayatri Pariwar has been organising different Balsanskar Kendras.

Some of the prime objectives of the camp are :-

Creating cultural awareness, and clarifying the concept of Vidyaa among children thus enriching their lives through spirituality. Thus creating a harmonious blend of information ,knowledge & wisdom .

To develop divine manners, charming habits, fascinating character, captivating behavior and elegant human traits.

One of the prime objective of this camp is also to revive the lost traditional and cultural values, of respect and obedience .Such camps helps to develop basic living values in childs life such as team building, compassion, love, power of reasoning, discrimination power,  innovative thinking, self esteem etc .Thus positively shaping their life .

To teach the participants a unique course of Pragya Yoga, Pranayama & meditation so as to empower them with a healthy body ,mind & soul . Pragya yoga helps to remove tension , aggression & negativity out of body & mind .It also enables to increase memory power for students. It helps to eliminate fear, depression, anxiety, tension etc

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