Tree Plantation Movement

“Taru Mitra” And “Taru Putra”
  • Awareness about Environment and health;
  • Healthy Body - Pure Mind;
  • Shriram Memorial Garden, Clean-Green and Healthy Environment;

Dasa kupa samo vapi dasavapi samo hrida.
Dasa hrida sama putra dasa putra samo druma.
A step-well is equivalent to ten wells. A lake equals to ten step-wells.A son’s importance is equal to ten lakes but much higher a deed is to plant a single tree.

  • To ensure involvement of masses in creating environmental awareness.
  • Start new projects such as Yoga-Meditation, Herbs Production, Acupressure and Ayurvedic Treatment in these gardens.
  • To develop civilized society with the help of Healthy body and clean mind.
Our Work Plan

Selection of abundant garden in the city or barren land or hill in village area.

For City/ Urban Area: 
  • Development of Shriram Smriti Upwan in City.
  • Development of a garden (Yugrishi Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Smriti Upvan)
  • Take over a abundant garden for development with the help of local authority & public.
  • Preparation of layout plan for -
  • Acupressure path.
  • Plantation of holy trees - Nakshtra vatika, Graha vatika, Rashi vatika.
  • Herbal plant beds along with acupressure path.
  • Arrengment for juice of loki (gourd), jawara, aloe vera, sported cereal etc for visitors.
  • Yoga center/meditation/pyramid dyam and Birds shatter.
  • Memorial plants plantation.
For Rural Area:
  • Development & plantation on hill/ barren land in villages.
  • Allotment of hill/area
  • Development of land/fencing.
  • Tube well/ irrigation source.
  • Celebration of TARU PUTRA YAGYA with the help of selected Mother & Father of Taru (Tree).
  • Plantation
Our Expectation
Plant at least one tree and take it's entire responsibility just like your son/daughter.


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