Ideal Village Development program - SMART VILLAGE
India's Soul lives in villages. Formation of real India is possible through an Individual to Family, Family to Village & Village to Country. Our rich village culture of Cooperation & Coexistence has been spoiled by Global Culture penetration, Political & Market Forces. It results in dirty environment, illiteracy, dependence, unhealthiness, lack of unity & migration to cities. Now villages are leaning and cities inflating. 

"Remedy for the Problem given by Param Pujya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Aacharya is Gram Teerth Yojana or Developing the villages like a pilgrimage center."  
  • Cultured
  • Addiction and bad ritual free
  • Clean
  • Healthy
  • Literate
  • Self reliant
  • Full of cooperation
Movement of developing at least one ideal village in every district.

Fundamentals of  Village Upliftment
  • Mature personality is the foundation of development (Art of developing excellent personality) 
  • Propagation of Time donation and petty fund donation and without govt aid putting in place Social apparatus for development by people’s participation.
  • Development based on formulae given by Rishis
  • Plans and use of modern as well as ancient techniques as per ground realities.
  • Cooperation and collective efforts to be mainstay of development process.
  • Concept and initiative of Holistic and permanent development (coordinated and balanced development of people, nature and society)
  • Propagation of collective free labour donation for community works
  • Main system of work to be use of  refined “ Public education through Religious apparatus” 
Cultured Village
  • Development of education for people through religious apparatus
  • Collective organization of festivals in a progressive way
  • Management of temples to be oriented towards public awareness.
  • Propagation of conventional rituals
  • Wall writing and discussions on self reliance

Addiction and bad ritual free Village
  • Exhibition on addiction relief, symposiums, guidance for diversion from addiction to creation.
  • Treatment to make Addiction-free and counseling
  • Total ban on sale and consumption of drugs in public places.
  • To have addiction free schools and Panchayats
  • To make free from superstitions, Jhad -Phoonk and Talisman
  • Propagation of ideal group marriages 
  • Ban on the occasion of post death ritual of mass serving of food 
Healthy Village
  • Development  of the feeling of respect for Dignity of labour
  • Organizing Yog-exercizes - Pranayam-meditation centres.
  • Encouragement of the use of five products of cow i.e milk, curd, curd water, Ghee, Go-mutra etc
  • Use of   sprouted grains, vegetarian food,  local  seasonal fruits and juices
  • To arrange  for medicines from forest, acupressure, naturopathy
Clean-Pure-Fragrant Village
  • Arrangement of Proper drainage system-Construction of drains, Soak pit
  • Ban on use of polythene, plastic and disposable dishes/plates. Suitable disposal in case of their use.
  • Use of carry bags made out of cloth, Leaf /paper made plates and dishes
  • Ban on open defecation, Use of dust/waste bins
  • Use of cow-dung/urine, human excreta for biogas/manure
  • Compulsory and   regular collective participation in free donation of labour
  • Special attention on Tree plantation, ‘Clean and Green’ Village
Literate Village
  • Management of Public Education through religious apparatus
  • Adult Education through night classes, Culture school for children. Professional schools, Management of single schools, Training for practical knowledge
  • Latest information on different streams of village development
  • Free coaching for school students
  • Test for knowledge of Indian culture.
Self Reliant Village
  • Development of cow based energy, agriculture and health apparatus
  • Production of items of day to day usage through small cottage industries.
  • No export of raw materials only finished products to be exported.
  • Ensure village man power in the village itself.
  • Planning of donated time and petty funds for the development of village.
  • Essential services/commodities like education, technology, salt etc to be produced in the village itself
  • Agriculture through Rishi-Krishi is made self dependent. Control of Manure, energy, technology, insects be organic. 
A village full of cooperation
  • Propagation of collective labour participation (Shramdaan)
  • Resolve mutual differences at village level itself
  • Reduce the differences due to caste, sex and class
  • Collective organization of festivals and festivities.
  • Management/rejuvenation/construction of paths, roads, wells, schools, temples, park, and ponds by collective labour participation (Shramdaan)
  • Formation of carriers for tools(Fawda Vahini) and Suraksha Vahini( security)
Training Programmes 
  • Special Cell for Village Management offering various certificate, diploma courses setup in DSVV.
  • Regular free Training on Gaushala, Gobar Gas Plant & cow products along with 80 various type of products for the needs of villagers from morning till night.
 A special cell setup in DSVV for self reliant offering free regular Training and consulting Programs on
  • Waste Management and Vermi Composed
  • Hand made paper
  • Hand made cloths (Khadi Kapda Udyog)
  • Guidelines on entrepreneurship
  • Agarbatti, fruits preservation etc products. 
Contact - 

Youth Cell, Shantikunj Haridwar
Mobile - 9258360652

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