Women Empowerment - नारी जागरण

16th to 20th of each Month -

Women Awakening Shivir - To make Women well-educated, Cultured, self-sufficient, well-developed & make them aware about responsibilities and to the realization of fundamental rights. Establish equal law, neither male dominate/neglect nor female arbitrariness.


1. Keep alive law of equality.

2. Maintain Complacency and balance in the family.

3. Holistic development of next generation.

4. Balanced Economic Development .

5. Raise the base of righteous feeling and tendencies

All the women in this world should realize their rights, power & their need of involvement on emotional development of society. Awakened women can produce great/ideal person for society. The progress of all over the places is slow and loosing emotional touch due to less involvement of women . This course will touch those points and help a women understanding her role for society/family building.

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