Yuva Chetna Shivir

युवा परिष्कार शिविर
( 26th to 30th of each Month )

Currently the youth of country is struggling with many issues – related to personal (Depression, Addiction etc), Family (managing relationship, unemployment etc), Social (characterless, etc), National (e.g. corruption) & Globalization (tension & unmanaged routine etc). Youth s are getting misguided on these areas & they are losing purpose/aim of life .

Objective of Shivir :                                                    

1. Awareness about our role & responsibility for the country & culture. Understand the glory of India.

2. Solution & coping up with today’s issue (above stated) for individual.

3. A step forward toward being good humane – toward better life .

4. Increase awareness about dignity of human life & keeping self-esteem.

5. Learn the art of living on being peaceful, productive and happiness on current situation.

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