samooh sadhana

The goal of collective sadhana inspired by yugrishi is to give momentum to God ’s movement of creation on new era. For this it is important to refine individual’s personality , make families more cultured and society more organized. For this objective, collective sadhana is essential along with individual sadhana . It has several benefits –

In individual sadhana when seekers mind becomes lax there is no support system for help. In group sadhana the environment made by other seekers impacts the lax mind of individual seeker and he comes back on track and the practice becomes more regular and durable.

Through collective sadhana , a ‘collective consciousness’ is created. This opens possibility of better coordination and spirit of cooperation.   

The vibrations generated from collective sadhana lead to more favorable impact on the physical and subtle environment .

We are able to analyze ourselves better and gain from each other’s experiences. This opens new avenues for progress.

Therefore to enhance the pace of transformation of era special emphasis is being given on collective sadhana . 

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