Basic Functional Elements

Prakrati Nidana – the basis of diagnosis and healing under Ayurveda – deals with characterization of one’s natural constitution (prakrati) in terms of three basic functional elements or physical, mental and emotional energy patterns called the tridosha namely, vata, pitta and kapha. In terms of the physique and physiological activities of the body, the modern researchers interpret vata as the energy of movement, pitta as the energy of digestion or metabolism and kapha as the energy of lubrication and structure. Harmonious balance of vata, pitta and kapha is regarded as the sign of normally healthy state. Any disturbance, excess or deficiencies in any of these upsets the normal concentration of vital elements, and physiological and (bio) chemical reactions and functioning inside the body and therefore results in different kinds of diseases.
Recent scientific research indicates that the concept of tridosha also has empirical value and that analysis of these could open up new insight into our understanding of the biological system of the body more thoroughly. The subtle combinations of tridosha and hence prakrati is regarded to be as specific and individualized as the DNA sequence based genetic makeup. Notably significant of the modern findings substantiating this fact is that is that it also explains genotype phenotypic relationship and thus provides potential solution to the major goal modern scientists are searching for in this post genomic era of biotechnological advancement.

Relevance Today

The rising graph of psychosomatic disorders and challenging diseases and the limitations of the widely used modern medical sciences in coping with them on the one hand, and the risks of harmful side-effects of antibiotics and synthesized drugs on the other, have revived new interest in this ancient science. The preventive and remedial measures derived under Ayurveda deal with multidimensional complexities and problems of human life and provide solutions in perfect harmony with Nature.

It is therefore most relevant and promising towards achieving complete health in the present times as well.

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