Achieving Blissful life

Pragya-yog is a device for developing spiritual prudence, insight and intuition.  It is also making the daily routine upright. With Internal excellence, one enjoy self-satisfaction, public respect and divine pleasure. It elevate inner consciousness & create atmosphere of happiness and peace. It is an all-round, comprehensive programme of Gayatri-Sadhana which cannot be fulfilled by Mantra-Jap alone.The Pragya Yog Sadhana's... See More

In the holy Gita Lord Krishna describes the human body as analogous to a chariot having the sense organs as the horses, mind as the groom and the soul as the master. The relationship of body and mind is similar to that of a governed and a ruler – the... See More

Well-being of the masses and dissemination of divine cultural values along with social development are principal objectives of the Yug Nirman Mission of the All World Gayatri Pariwar. Its multi-faceted reformatory and reconstructive activities are initiated by revered Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, a seer-sage of the present age who... See More

Thousands of illusions, attractions and vices could be counted as responsible for deluding and depraving the human life. However, all these are different outcomes or expressions of the three basic thralldom's – (I) V³san³ (craving, infatuation), (ii) T—aÌñ³ (avarice, irrepressible ambition) and (iii) Ahant³ (arrogance, vanity).These three dire forces of... See More

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