Listen to the inner voice

No body wants a downfall in the field of worldly life. Everyone desires to progress, move up as compared to others in his society. Because of the ego driven tendency of human self, most people want to see or prove themselves as the best among others of their standard and attempt demonstrating their superiority in varieties of ways. The aspiration to excel is human nature; but it does not get proper direction, as one does not know the real goal, the adept aim of his life. Most people don’t even think about it. Most of the remaining ones, who are somewhat conscious about the state of their life, can’t usually go deep into the search of an answer… In this situation, the great potentials and abilities associated with human life remain idle or go haywire by haphazard spread. The inner urge of ascent remains concealed….; it wants to be expressed, but our extrovert mind ignores its subtle voice because of external attractions and worldly desires. The inner voice thus gets suppressed and gradually insulated from the expressed sense of self-esteem in the individual self.

We all should note that the source of divine powers is present in our heart – in our inner self.  The sublime impulses of divine inspirations and messages constantly reach in this inner core. We can grasp these spiritual signals, if we listen to our inner voice; these can indeed motivate and guide the refinement and sharpening of our intellect, arousal of self-confidence and deep wisdom, and the growth of our virtues, by which we can enrich our asset of puñyas.  But the pressures of trasña and vasana bubbling in our mind do not let it reach our conscious self. We thus remain ignorant and lost along the slippery shortcuts and enslaved in the entangled web of miseries and corruption. The inner voice is so delicate and subtle that it could be easily suppressed by the ‘noise’ of extrovert activities, but it is so clear and unperturbed that there could be no confusion and misunderstanding in its interpretation once we listen to it. If we pay little attention, and ponder over in a state of meditation or carefully attempt listening to it, it would soon become sharper and the divine messages indwelling in it would be deciphered. This will convey us the true aims of our life and also decode the straight and righteous path of absolute ascent.

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