Seize the opportunity

As far as divine grace is concerned, it is subliminally present for every one. However, it is bestowed only upon those who help themselves, who initiate the endeavors of refining and improving their life on their own. It is said that chance favours only the prepared mind. It is more true of the divine help and guidance. As per the laws of Nature, the idle chaps, inactive prattlers and lethargic buggers are left to degeneration on their own destiny.
If a man determines through heart and soul, there is nothing that he can’t achieve. He is made up of such a special stuff that nothing could stand before his willpower and enterprising courage. He inadvertently or often being driven by the hidden forces of decline digs a huge trench for his own fall. If he awakens and resolves, he can construct a stout ladder by the same hands, in the same circumstances, for elevation. His inner light and enlightened spirit can illuminate even the darkest domains of his life. He is therefore the architect of shaping the course and fate of his own life

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