Mind the source of eternal bliss

The three brains are functionally organized one under the other like the layered skin of an onion. The primal brain lies in the innermost core. It is the subtlest but the most prominent of all. It is the original source of consciousness for the development and activation of the other two. The blueprint of the inner character of an individual is stored here. In essence, the seed of one’s personality sprouts from this center.
The Magical Component :
The number of neurons in a human brain is almost double the human population existing on the earth today. If one second is spent in counting one neuron, it will take 300 centuries to sort all of them in a single brain! These tiny nerve cells have negligible size and weight but each of them could be compared with a complete human being in terms of work potential and highly evolved structure. If the entire human population could be disciplined and motivated to follow righteous path, the world would soon become more beautiful and happier than what could be imagined of the heavens. If all the neurons could be conditioned to function optimally making best use of their latent collective powers, the human brain would certainly manifest divine potentials and supernatural talents....
Because of individual egos and diversities of characters, it may not be possible to control the over 6000 millions of the people inhabiting the earth. However, the population of 10,000 million neurons in one's own brain could be regulated and gradually conditioned for sublime transformations by a person who has a balanced mind and pure and eminent character and who endeavors to excel his mental potentials with strong will and perseverance. Such endeavors are as difficult, important and glorifying as those of becoming an unchallenged emperor of the entire globe.
What makes a human being a special creation or the most evolved organism is principally his brain. Elucidation of its anatomy and bio-electrical activities — through the ‘galaxy’ of interconnected neurons has posed challenging problems before the front-line researchers in allied areas.
The neurotransmitters secreted from the synaptic connections between the neurons have attracted the neuroscientists the most. Recent findings indicate that specific kinds of neuro-hormonal secretions are associated with emotional variations too and it is now being investigated – how to upkeep one’s intellectual sagacity, mental creativity and emotional stability by maintaining regularity of specific neuro-chemicals.
Absolute peace and beatitude is the eternal desire of the soul. This desire is manifested in the aspirations and endless search of the mind for happiness. However, as a deer eagerly hunts for saffron, unaware of the fact that this source of heavenly scent is present in its naval, a human being too continuously runs behind materialistic means and wanders in worldly activities, with a hope of acquiring more and more happiness... But, without paying attention to his own inner self that is endowed with an eternal source of divine bliss in its deep core....
Search for happiness in materialistic means, sensual pleasures or in satisfying the ego...., is like a mirage; its illusions entangle the individual consciousness in the net of worldly attachments and darkness of ignorance about its own divine origin. This illusion and hope of immense bliss becomes a motivating force for an individual to live in this world and it also proves to be the major cause of the endless journey in one or the other form of life.....
Etasyaiv³nandasy³ny³ni Bh¿t³ni M³tr³mupajºvanti
      – B—ahad³rañyaka 4 | 32
Meaning: The afflatus and feeling of enthusiasm, satisfaction, completeness and absolute peace which a s³dhaka experiences (upon culmination of spiritual endeavors) is indeed the reflection of the blissful state of the soul.
Modern Psychology and other branches of brain sciences describe that the source of cheerfulness exists in our own mind and emotional center. The science of spirituality elucidates it as lying deep within the inner self – in the core of the eternal bliss cell (³nandmaya kosh). Advancement of neuro-hormonal chemistry has given new dimension to the research on human brain and its subtle counterpart – the mind. A comprehensive look at the psychological complications in above context shows that extrovert attitude and over-ambitious search for momentary happiness by materialistic attainments give rise to excessive competition and strife and hence to tension, despair and mental and emotional disorders..... If one introspects himself and endeavors to realize the immense source of bliss existing in the innermost layer of his mind, he can resolve all his problems and see the guiding light for culmination of life in the righteous direction to reach the ultimate state of eternal peace.... Adoption of spiritual disciplines and dedicated practices of the sadhanas of purification of the inner self ensure viable success in these endeavors.

Neuroscience and Role of Chakras

It is interesting to note that what has been the focus of attraction of the neuroscientists in particular and of all scientifically minded people in general was studied in depth by the rishis – the Indian sages of yore, through adept introspection and spiritual endeavors. They had realized the role of the ÌaÚ cakras in controlling the bio-electrical currents and the endocrine secretions. They had successfully attained supernormal potentials by activating these extra sensory energy centers. While deciphering the astonishing powers of human brain, they had discovered that the sahastr³ra cakra (extra sensory center of cetan³ in the deep core of the upper brain.....) is the master regulator of the conscious activities in human body and mind. This crown center stimulates the endocrine glands and triggers hormonal secretions.
The sahastr³ra cakra was visualized by the rishis as a subtle ocean of currents of consciousness, which are manifested in continuous bio-electrical flows inside the brain. These spiritual mentors had found that smooth activation of this crown cakra generates the feelings of immense bliss, compassion with acumen and afflatus.
Advancement of neuroscience has defined new frontiers of collaborative research in the areas of Neurochemistry and Psychology. The intermittent roles of mental and emotional conditions in neuro-hormonal secretions and vice-versa are becoming clearer with this research. It is also being argued now that one can orient his emotions or expand intellectual potentials as per his aspirations by regulating the neuro-hormonal secretions in a suitable manner....
The discovery of a major of group of about thirty neurotransmitters called meptadrymes was a major breakthrough in neuro-pharmacology. The concentrations of these chemicals are found to be dense around specific center in the brain. These are available in so less quantities that extracting them is like, as Dr. Donald Zandon of the Pharmacology department of California University points out, separating a pinch of salt from the water of a swimming pool. The discovery of hormones like encephaline and endorphin has been of great help in understanding the relationship of the endocrine system with human psychology.
One, who can stimulate the secretion of encephaline in difficult situations, can remain free of all tensions and worries in all circumstances. Presence of encephaline and endorphin is found to be intense in those centers of brain the endocrine column (suÌumn³ n³Ãº) which are associated with the sensation of pain and pleasure and are supposed to maintain the emotional variations. Some endocrinologists opine that the ancient Chinese therapy of acupuncture is equivalent to the modern technique of stimulating specific hormone secreting center with the help of electrodes. They have also found that the practices of yoga nidr³ and the positive effects of the biofeedback techniques and hypnosis result in accelerating the secretion of the natural painkillers like encephaline, which calm down the mental fatigue and tensions.

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