The role of people with special talents

Individuals with particular talents, through their charismatic personality, can play a special role in the efforts to usher in the New Era. In this regard, the role of artists is particularly important. Writers, poets, orators, musicians, visual artists, wealthy individuals, scholars, politicians, and many others can all contribute a lot to the task of reform by means of their talents. The plan for the New Era proposes the following suggestions to talented individuals regarding how they should contribute: 


The writers and poets of the nation who are currently engaged in writing in different languages should be contacted and motivated to keep the needs of the New Era in mind when writing. In the same way, the publishers and editors who are involved in the publication industry should be encouraged to print and publish only that literature which inspires, enlightens and guides the lives of the masses. Newspapers and book dealers should also be requested to contact those engaged in the field of literature to motivate them to fulfill the current needs of the times.


There is a great scarcity of newsletters and magazines that propagate thoughts that will be helpful in meeting the needs of the New Era. There are several themes that directly relate to the change of era that we are undergoing, but so far there is hardly any formidable thought center which can do anything about them. [ . . . ] Those newsletters and magazines which do exist merely follow their own agenda and lack the actual passion and program of selfless missionary style. The wider needs and enormity of the New Era call for at least one hundred publications on these topics to be started immediately. People who are equipped with the necessary talents and enthusiasm should be trained for that purpose.


There should be a well organized network of publishers, each of whom should specialize in one particular subject mater. All publishers in the network should exchange the books they publish with one another. In this way, each publisher can have ample amount of books on a wide variety of subjects. They should manage the sale of books by means of their own outlets, door-to-door sale, advertising and any other effective means. In this way, the publisher specializing in one particular subject can become the promoter of books on other subjects as well.


There should be at least one New-Era Press in almost every city which will help its operator earn livelihood in an honorable way as well as to pursue the program of augmenting good thoughts and feelings among those living in the neighboring areas. [ . . . ]


Inspiring and touching poems that resonate with the thoughts of the New Era should be written in all languages. They should be published as pocket books and made available at affordable prices. [ . . . ] Inspirational folk music is also dearly needed. No genre of songs should be exempt from the need to motivate, enthuse and uplift. Songs traditionally sung by women on auspicious occasions need to be composed and published to suit the purpose of the occasion. The demand for inspiring poems for everyone from literati to farmhands must be fulfilled in a systematic way. [ . . . ] Without accomplishing this essential task, the dream of fostering a heavenly atmosphere on Earth cannot be realized.


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