The spiritual foundation of the new era

The foundation of the plan of the New Era is neither political nor social but actually spiritual. The immensely significant task of changing the era can only be initiated and advanced by efforts made at the spiritual level. Any reform done at the political or social level will not have the same depth of support and involvement as efforts made at the spiritual level. Therefore, everyone in society should be daily engaged in systematic worship, austerity and introspection and should also inspire others to have similar practices. Our reform campaigns are merely a medium to realize the ultimate spiritual goal. Therefore, we should pay attention to both the medium as well as the goal. Our six spiritual programs are as follows: 


The Gayatri Mahamantra is the primordial source of culture and civilization. It contains all great teachings in a seed form that can elevate or advance life. The main purpose of performing worship is to seek inspiration to be able to steer our feelings and tendencies on the righteous path. Gayatri has all the required attributes and power to steer our inner being towards righteousness. In this way, Gayatri can be considered a complete and universal mode of worship for humankind. To perform daily Gayatri worship, we will have to spare time for it every day, even if it be as little as five minutes. Reciting Gayatri mantra 108 times takes approximately this amount of time. [ . . . ] Those who practice other types of worship should continue doing so, but should add Gayatri Mantra to their routine as well.


Gayatri is the symbol of righteous feelings. Likewise, Yagya is the symbol of righteous actions. The inspiration to continuously offer those things we like best for the good of society represents the divine inspiration of Yagya. Our life should become a Yagya offering. In other words, it should manifest the values, outlook and actions embodied in the philosophy of Yagya. We should include Yagya observance in our daily routine in order to continually remind ourselves of this spirit. If we cannot perform Yagya systematically, due to lack of time and resources, we can simply offer five morsels of home cooked food daily to a fire while reciting Gayatri mantra. Lighting a ghee lamp or a stick of incense are also a kinds of Yagya. Anybody can choose from these methods of Yagya the ones they find more convenient to their personal situations.


It is the duty of every thoughtful individual not to keep the noble ideas of the New Era to themselves. They should regularly spare some time for sharing these ideas with others. [ . . . ] Everyone should save time to meet with others regularly. Go to see friends, relatives, acquaintances and other people on a regular basis, give them books relating to the themes of the New Era to read and talk about. In this way, we should contribute some time to the selfless task of creating awareness in the same way that we allocate time for other essential daily chores.


We should read the New Era Pledge every day upon rising in the morning and when going to bed at night. We should make every effort to transform our life as indicated by this pledge. At night, before going to bed, we should analyze the day’s activities and sincerely try not to repeat the mistakes we made during the day. We should aim to refine our lives incrementally, one day at a time.


We should have a routine of contributing some time and money everyday for the benefit of others in need. We should accommodate donation in our life as an indispensable spiritual practice. In this way, we should always contribute a small part of our livelihood to help others. We can have a donation box to deposit money or food. This money can be used in spreading noble thoughts and noble feelings through the distribution of good books. This is the very basis of the New Era.


We need to develop an army of honest volunteers who are devoid of personal attachments and jealousy, have ample self-control, good manners and a decent and stable character. Such volunteers should eradicate social and moral evils and be ready to face hardship while using the example of their sacrificing nature and spiritual austerity to amend others. The planning of non-violent, constructive campaigns demands a lot of farsightedness, without which it could inadvertently trigger hostility instead of helping to bring about reform. The creation of the army of honest and selfless volunteers and the organization of the campaigns to eradicate unworthiness must be done meticulously paying due attention to the above points. Any eligible individual can have their name enrolled for recruitment as a volunteer. The nature of the program they may carry out would depend on their capacity. Of course, they will have to be trained in the beginning.


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