Summary of Gayatri Geeta

 गायात्रीगीतां हयेतां यो नरोवेत्ति तत्वस:

मुक्त्वा सर्वदु:खेभ्य: सदानन्दे निमज्जति।।"

Meaning :- "Any person who rightly understandsthis Gayatri-Geeta gets rid of all sufferings and always remains happy."

These fourteen couplets of Gayatri-Geeta are the sum and substance of the knowledge contained in all the Vedas and Shastras. Fourteen gems were found as a result of churning of the ocean. These fourteen couplets are gems found by probing deep and conducting an in-depth study of all the scriptures. A person who assimilates these teachings in his life can never remain unhappy. He enjoys perennial bliss.