Indian Spirituality

O God, Thou art the Giver of life, the Remover of Pains and Sorrows, the Bestower of Happiness; O Creator of the Universe, May we receive The supreme, sin-destroying light; May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.”

The Sanskrit word yoga is derived from the root word yuj, meaning union. The Upanishads are the original source of Yogic philosophy. Different practices and paths of Yoga are aimed towards the development of subtle powers of inner being to discover higher truth that forms the basis of religious faiths... See More

Meditation is a bath to your personality of noble thoughts, which you start calling from super conscious realm directing them in such a way that you gradually transcend the everyday level of consciousness.Man today is living a life of utter chaos. After witnessing and encountering achievements of Science as materialistic... See More

Just as the work of art reflects the imagination of an artist, symbolism in religion expresses the attributes and the qualities of God as conceived by the seekers of Truth.The word symbol comes from Greek 'symballein' meaning 'to throw together, to unite, to compare, to correspond'. Symbol is a fluid... See More

Hindus believe in the existence of one and only one Supreme Being but they worship Him in various forms known as deities or Devatas. The Hindu worship of many deities (gods) is not polytheism, but monotheistic polytheism. The monotheistic Hindu pantheon is an affirmation that the Supreme Being , according... See More

The paramount distinction of the Vedic culture is its spiritual attitude towards life and the world. Deciphering the sublime root-element of the material existence rather than analyzing just its gross structure and properties; realization of the higher and deeper realms of eternity, continuity and incessant purity of life far above... See More

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