Gyan Yoga

The path of Jnana Yoga is suited for those who are gifted with strong mental and intellectual faculties. This path emphasis on the true knowledge regarding the nature of the self, and requires sharp intellect coupled with intense spiritual longing. Since ignorance (avidya) obscures the self from achieving salvation, the aim of this path is to destroy ignorance by discrimination and contemplation on Truth.

This basic features of Jnana Yoga are:

Listening to the scriptures and the spiritual discourses from spiritual teachers (gurus) who are themselves well-established in Truth. The company of truly awakened souls strengthens the power of right discrimination and accelerates the unfolding of the true Self.  Discriminating truth from falsity and intense contemplation on the guru's words. Thoughtful contemplation gradually weakens the ego and frees the soul from its wrong identification with the body and mind.

Practice of shifting the focus of attention from the mortal aspect of one's being to the immortal aspect of being, and intense contemplation therein. Jnana is the highest teaching of the Upanishads and the central theme of the Bhagavad Gita. As stated in the following verses of the Bhagavad Gita, Jnana is considered a supreme purifier:

'Nothing indeed purifies in this world like wisdom. He who lives in self-harmony finds it [wisdom] in time within himself, by himself.' (BG 4.38).

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