Affirmations of this stage

Affirmations of this lesson

• My body, mind and associated people, places and things are only momentary manifestations of the all-pervading universal matter.
• All products of my mind - information, thoughts, ideologies, resolutions, are particles of an undifferentiated universal field of intelligence in the Master Mind.
• The elements of matter and mind are perpetually in motion. Therefore, there are no limitations to the number of things belonging to me. Everything in all planetary systems of cosmos belongs to me.
• My immortal Soul is an inseparable and indivisible portion of the Absolute Spirit (Parmatma) in its ultimate state.
• I have attained the at-one-ment with the Supreme Spirit and am even now experiencing the unity of my Soul with the Absolute Spirit.


The author again and again implores the sincere seekers of Truth to strive for attainment of this level of consciousness, since the quest for Absolute Truth ends with the answer to 'WHO AM I ?' This is the highest wisdom, beyond which nothing remains to be known. The life of one who has acquired the Supreme Wisdom, will be full of love, compassion, empathy, truthfulness, benevolence and all other divine attributes. This is fulfillment of the supreme aim of human life.

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