Awareness of Unified Field

Let us now practice meditation for awareness of the Unified Field. Be seated in a state of meditation and concentrate on the life -force flowing through all beings. Visualize that there is only one cosmic consciousness vibrating throughout the cosmos. It is this cosmic force, which has differentiated into the five basic elements constituting the bodies of all beings.

The perceptions of various types of pleasures and pains, happiness and unhappiness by the sensory organs of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are various chemical reactions produced as a consequence of interactions between these five elements and faculties of mind. The sensory perceptions are like the diverse frequencies of sound produced in a stringed musical instrument under the influence of different stimuli provided by the performer.

The primordial source of energy is one throughout the cosmos and it is sustaining your life in the same way it  is sustaining all other forms without any reservations. Let it become a matter of deep faith with you, requiring no reasoning.

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