Unification with the Universal mind

Individual mind is a drop in the mega ocean of unified mind. Whatever knowledge, thoughts, ideologies, impulses and emotions are in your mind are basically a few particles of this universal field of knowledge and perception. The mind of an individual acquires bits of knowledge through books, by listening to the enlightened persons or directly as intuition by interacting with this universal mental plane. Like the omnipresent life force sustaining all living beings, the ocean of knowledge too is an all-pervasive active force and it is being utilized by all beings like the tortoise in the uninterruptedly flowing current of a river. As the tortoise drinks a part of water from the river and discards some in the same river by way of defecation and urination, man continues to interact with the omnipresent Ideosphere, receiving knowledge from this universal field. Ponder over this truth again and again and let it be firmly established in your mind.

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