The Impact of Yagya on Microflora

To study the impact of Yagya on air microflora,  several experiments were conducted both indoor and outdoor,   some experiments were also conducted simultaneously to compare the effect of Yagya and that of non-Yagya i.e. by just burning plain wood and also   the effect of burning plain herbs without any rituals and mantras was studied. The effect was studied on the air microflora bacteria, fungi and pathogens by exposing the pretreated petri-dishes to the atmosphere before the Yagya, during the Yagya and till three days after Yagya.

In one experiment   the effect was studied till 7 days after Yagya, which was an indoor experiment. The results were very encouraging. In all the indoor experiments there was a significant reduction in the microbes especially the pathogens .  The decrease on the day 3 in the four experiments has been recorded as 100%, 67%, 87% and 93% respectively in pathogens, which is impressive. These results are supportive of the fact that  Yagya  renders the atmosphere bacteriostatic and it kills the harmful microbes in the atmosphere.

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