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Annaprashan Sanskar

Annaprashan Sanskar .

Administering food to the child for the first time - Sowing the seed of purity in Annamaya-Kosh of the child. Performed at the age of 6 months or when a child starts eating solid food for the first time. The food is offered to Yagya Bhagvan first and then given to the child. The education for eating leftovers of yagya means sacrifice for the animal kingdom and the poor in our society, as mentioned in Geeta. The aim of this sanskar a is sowing the seeds of purity in Annamaya Kosh of the child and is performed for health y growth and strength of the body. It teaches the importance of piousness of Anna. Scriptures say, "Aahar shudhou satvashudhihi" meaning if you eat pious food your mind will be pious. Food is not for the taste but for health y growth of the mind

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