A Glimpse of the Golden Future

The philosophy of exploitation of the weaker is the root cause of all conflicts and wars. Ever since men began to think in this way, there have been wars with the available logistics and till man gives up this policy there will be no end to these confrontations.

Today, however, there is a greater cause for anxiety because of possibilities of widespread destruction by nuclear weapons. Even if a nuclear confrontation could be avoided, wars would continue to be fought with other armaments, since the root cause continues to be exploitation of the weaker, less privileged classes of people, by the powerful groups. This is also the basis on which the boundaries of countries have been drawn. Had it not been so, geographical features would have been deciding the national sovereignty. 

A characteristic feature of such an ideal set-up would have been a just status for the backwards and the progressive class would have felt its responsibility for up liftment and progress of the underprivileged people. Since in any society the number of competent persons is always less than that of the weaker section, the progressive class, which is in minority, is required to take up the responsibility to provide guidance to the former and also cater to its needs of reformation and social up liftment. But does such a situation exist today. 

A small number of resourceful, privileged people have occupied maximum possible territory by virtue of their superior intellect, administrative efficiency, superior knowledge, greater resources and declared themselves as owners of land. This is the “Law of jungle” which advocates “Might is right”. The basic cause of confrontation between people as mentioned earlier, is demarcation of boundaries of nations and control thereof by groups having vested interests. It tantamount to an unprincipled grabbing of power. The more powerful a country is, the more the former would be successful in intimidating the weaker nations and in maintaining a strong hold thereupon. In such an environment, all class of people aspire to become powerful and on the first available opportunity jump to subjugate the weaker.

Since ages, the boundaries of countries have assumed such permanency, that they appear to us as natural landmarks. Whoever is an occupant of whichever part of land on this earth, appears to be its justifiable owner. Nevertheless, a critical appraisal from the point of natural justice and propriety would present... See More

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