Life Sojourn

The life-play of truly epoch-changing personages does not appear, on a mere surface look, any different from ordinary persons. Even persons living closest to them, who are not granted the inner vision, mistake them as common human beings. Only the fewen dowed with intuitive knowledge are revealed the true divine identity and mission of the ‘appearance’ of such spiritually awakened souls. Such have been the wonderful performances of even the greatest of the incarnations like Bhagvan Ram and Bhagvan Krishna. Although they had ‘appeared’ with all the divine attributes and powers for the fulfillment of the specific aims of their‘descent’ in human form, very few of their contemporaries could comprehend the significance of their incarnation.

Bhagvaan Krishna has appropriately said in Bhagvad-Gita
Unaware of my higher state (eminence) as the great Lord of beings fools disregard Me, dwelling in the human form. 9/11

Such also has been the life-play of GurudevPandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, the Seer, Sage and Prophet of an imminent emergence of the golden era of peace, goodwill, harmony, understanding with asense of inter-connectedness of all humanity. Today Gurudev is globally acknowledged as a Brahmarshi (the modern Vishwamitra).He has revealed anew the life transforming significance of Gayatri Mahamantra and has made it available to all humanity, cutting across the barriers of race, caste, creed and sex.

Acharyaji has purposely kept silent about most of the deeply occult and mystic aspects of his inner pilgrimage of the soul. Still for a perceptive and open-minded seeker of Knowledge there is enough in the life of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji which can serve as a means to strengthen the seeker’s faith and guide him/heron the path of self-exploration, self-awareness and self-transcendence. This power of inspiration lies in the fact that here there is no dichotomy between precept and practice. The Yug Rishi has himself trodden the path of sadhana,upasana and aradhana propounded by him.

Child Shriram - Birth to childhood 1911 – 1925 Birth : in Brahma muhurt (very early hours in the morning) of Ashvin Krishna Triyodashi Vikram Samvat 1968 corresponding to 20th September 1911 in Anwalkheda village in Agra district in a rich Brahman family.Father: Pt. Roopkishore Sharma; Mother: Dankunwari... See More

The eminent patriot, scholar and founder of the Banaras Hindu University Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya initiated Sriram in the worship of Gayatri mantra when he was nine years old. On the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami festival, January 18, 1926, a guru by the name of Swami Sarveshvaranandji -a great... See More

On the completion of the 24 mahapurashcharanas, Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharyaji established Gayatri Tapobhumi at Mathura (India) in 1953. He organised a grand Gayatri Yajna in 1958, which served as a base to launch the Yug Nirman Yojna, a global movement for moral, cultural, intellectual and spiritual refinement and reconstruction. The objectives of this move­ment... See More

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