Establishment of Global Movement

  • Donated ancestral land, built and established Mata Dankunwari Inter College. (now converted into a Degree college) at birth place, Anwalkheda. Established a huge Gayatri Shakti Peeth at Anwalkheda.
  • By way of Poornahuti of 24 Gayatri Maha Purashcharans, established Gayatri Tapobhumi at Mathura, celebrated 108 Kundiya Yagya (1953) Narmedh (sacrificing one’s everything) Yagya (1956) and 1008 Kundiya Yagya (1958) as a welcome creation of Gayatri Pariwar.   
  • Collection of water and soil of 2400 Teerthas (pilgrimage centres) across the country to inculcate unity of all religions.
  • Establishment of Yug Nirman Vidyalaya at  Mathura for training in self reliance and small-scale cottage industries.  
  • Establishment of 6000 branches of Gayatri Pariwar branches, conduct of five huge 1008 kundiya Mahayagya on large scale through out India (1970).

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