Freedom Fighter Shriram Matta

Shriram ‘Matta’ - A freedom Fighter (1930 To 1942)

* Intense spiritual asceticism (tapa) of adolescent Shriram begins.
* Active participation in Freedom Fight on Mahatma Gandhi’s call.
* Joined Indian National Congress volunteers camp despite strong opposition of family members and relatives.
* Sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for six months six times during struggle for independence.
* His love for India was such that a piece of the National Flag remained clung tightly between his teeth despite beaten unconscious when brutally man-handled by British police during Jail Satyagraha in Agra District.
*Since then people on account of his intense national love started calling him Shriram ‘Matta’.
* Remained confined in Asansol Jail along with Mahamana Malviyaji, Swarooprani Nehru, Devdas Gandhi, Rafi Ahmad Kidwai etc. in connection with freedom movement and was inspired here to collect funds from the masses (Muththi Fund) for the extension of Mission’s activities.
* Collection of authentic figures of Land Revenue of Agra District which was appreciated by Pt. Govind Vallabh Pant and presented by Gandhiji in British Parliament.

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