Revival of Rishi Tradition

  • Establishment of Shantikunj in Sapt-Sarovar Hardwar in 1971 and commencement of Rishi Parampara in present era.
  • 24 crore Gayatri Jap by virgins in the presence of Akhand Deep under the patronage of Vandaniya Mataji.
  • Commencement of universal movement of women awakening.
  • Establishment of Brahmavarchas Research Institute in 1979. A well equipped laboratory to conduct experiments for coordination of science with spirituality.
  • Establishment of 2400 Pragya Sansthans (Shakti-peeths), the public awakening centres. Extensive countrywide tours of Acharya Shri in 1981-82.
  • Call to authentic intelligentsia of the status of doctors, engineers etc for imparting spiritual and moral training. Arrangements for their training to lead life of the level of an average Indian.

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