Messages of Yug Rishi

My soul’s embodied sojourn on Earth is about to come to a close. Every breath of this long life-span of eighty years has been spent, in a spirit of total self-surrender to the Indwelling, All-pervading Divinity, while selflessly and single pointedly carrying out the behests of my Divine Guru satta,... See More

I have  personal attachment and deep affinity with persons belonging to Pragya pariwar . People do not have, but I have the recollection of their other several past births. I have collected all such persons with whom I had intimate relationship in the past by coincidence or by deliberate efforts.... See More

' My life story can act as a lighthouse for genuine seekers of Truth. It is a way of life adopted by a rational and a realistic person and there is nothing obscurantic and pretentious in it. Stigma of failure cannot also be attributed to it. Persons who seriously try... See More

For My Body Segments & Elements (Soul-Descendent's – My Disciples)(For you to Read and Contemplate Every Day) (अपने अंग- अवयवों से )(The directions given by Revered Gurudev from time-to-time, which mark his beatifying guidance to those dedicated to become a part of his epochal mission of reconstruction of an era.... See More

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