The stay arrangements in Shantikunj are available only for those people who come here either to participate in spiritual penance and training camps (the main focus of Shantikunj), or to conduct some sacramental rite, or, after taking due permission, just to visit this spiritually charged pilgrimage center. Those who come here just as visitors are given a maximum permission of two day stay and they are required to participate in all its daily activities.

Stay arrangement is free of cost. There is no need for prior reservation. Space is given subject to availability at the time of arrival. Spiritual seekers are given group accommodation only – separate rooms are not given. People can stay outside Shantikunj also and take part in all its activities.

Usually, Summer period witness huge rush of visitor. There is also huge rush during Spiritual Festivals like Navratri, Vasant Panchami, Guru Poornima, Gayatri Jayanti & Raksha Bandhan. It is difficult to provide accommodation during that time.

For Shivir /camps - the shared accommodation is provided based on the duration of shivir . 

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