Devatma Himalaya Temple

The temple of the Divine Himalayas is an extraordinary creation that does not exist anywhere else. Here, one can get the divine sight of the four Dham (auspicious pilgrimage centers - Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri & Gangotri), the five Prayag (Vishnu Prayag, Nand Prayag, Karn prayag, Rudra Prayag and Dev Prayag) & the pious streams of holy rivers Ganga & Yamuna. Himalayas are the source of divine spiritual energy for the world where the Council of ancient Rishis (saints) has been practicing intense spiritual penance since eternity. 

Seekers of the spiritual path are naturally attracted towards the Himalayas. Revered Gurudev believes that all the seekers of the spiritual path must meditate upon the Himalayas; this nourishes them with divine energy and strength. He established the temple of the divine Himalayas in Shantikunj so that spiritual seekers can easily meditate on it.

 It is a live monument of pilgrimage centers of the sacred Himalaya , where ancient Rishi’s (saints) lived and performed their penance. Made in circular form and oval shape for performing Dhyan Sadhana in a calm, quiet and a peaceful atmosphere, it can accommodate thousands of devotees at a time for meditation. With audiovisual feedback from multimedia projection Dev Sanskriti (Divine Culture) is also exhibited. Devatma Himalaya is surrounded by lush green vegetation, exhibition of medicinal plants and Haritima Devalaya .


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