Rich Literary heritage

The intellectual giant, the saint, and sage, who established these organizations was also blessed with boundless gift of literary capability, which may be realized from more than 3000 books published by him, the essence of which is being summarized in 108 volumes of “ Vangmaya ”. The exceptional literary contribution of moral, cultural, ethical and spiritual glory of the Yug Rishi furnishes ample proof of his outstanding knowledge in various fields. Gurudev initially started a monthly magazine “ Akhand Joyti ” in 1937 in Hindi with a humble beginning of 250 copies, circulation of which has now risen to 1.5 million per month. It contains articles on moral, cultural, spiritual, ethical and social life style, national integration, amity, unity and brotherhood.

Elimination of ignorance, fanaticism jealousy, hatred, strife and all sorts of evils afflicting the human race is the avowed objective of this publication. There is no subject of human welfare beginning from the most mundane to the highest level of spirituality , which remains untouched by this magazine.


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