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1. Come with your family and get the benefit of divine atmosphere, intense spiritual energy for the upliftment and sound health for the entire personality including body, mind and consciousness. 

2. All the sacramental rites are conducted everyday in accordance with the divine Indian culture and by arousing divine inspirations . View list of Sanskar

3. Spiritual Camps for self refinement.  Various options like 5 days to one month & beginners to advance spiritual awakening courses.  View list of shivir and apply online.

4. Training for self reliant.

5. A special tour guidance & short spiritual sessions can be requested for a group of students/teachers/employees/visitors.

6. This huge spiritual center is fully managed by dedicated volunteers. You can also donate your time and talent for any activities performed by Shantikunj. 

1. Visit Samadhi Sthal & Yagya Shala Samadhi Sthal ( Prakhar Pragya – Sajal Shraddha) is the eternal abode of Revered Gurusatta & readily accessible spot for offering heartfelt emotional prayers. Spend 10-15 here. Also, spend some time in near by yagya shala (You can participate on yagya between 5 AM... See More

1. Visitors are given a maximum permission of two day stay and they are required to participate in all its daily activities. More on Accommodation Policy.   2. Check the Daily Routine & Follow it as per your ease/interest. The thing which should not be missed are Morning Yagya, Akhand Deepak, Meeting... See More

1. Read –  ' The Revival of Satyug (The Golden Age) ; And 'My Will – Its Legacy and Message' (Autobiography of Vedmoorty, Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya). 2 There are three steps for participation in the Movement for the Constructive Recreation of the Era (Yug Nirman Yojna) – Upasana, Sadhana, Aradhana. Upasana: Chant three rosaries of Gayatri Mantra for self refinement. Sadhana:... See More


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