Yagya shala (Yagya Performed Everyday)

Yagya is a way of life and the root of divine Indian culture. This is why yagya is intrinsically connected with all the festivals, sacramental rites,etc. In the Yagyashala (place where fire ceremony is done) at Shantikunj, the fire that burns in the yagya kundas is a part of an eternal fire that has been kept burning in the Himalayas by the sages; this was brought to Shantikunj by Revered Gurudev. Ever since the establishment of Shantikunj, every day yagya is conducted here. These days, on an average about 2000 spiritual seekers get trained in this life style together with practicing spiritual penance. Yagya generates vital life force. Daily practice of yagya leads to a divine and peaceful atmosphere in Shantikunj.People with spiritual insights state that ancient saints and divine souls come to this yagyashala in subtle form and make oblations in the yagya to strengthen the Movement for the Reconstruction of the Era.

Owing to enormous increase of visitors, Shantikunj Ashram has also made tremendous expansion during the last one decade to accommodate the visitors. Many new buildings have been constructed. Three splendid canopies for performing Yagna have been constructed, which present a memorable sight in the morning hours, when thousands of devotees clad in saffron colour clothes perform Yagna in the blazing flame with chanting of Mantras and seek inspiration from Yagna for making sacrifice for welfare of all living beings on Earth. All the Sanskar s are also performed, free of cost, in the morning time in various canopies and buildings for refinement of personality .


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