Inadvertent error during worship

Q.4. Will one incur divine displeasure if there are some inadvertent errors during worship ?

Ans. Absolutely not. The Creator is like our Mother. The Divine Mother has only love for her children. How can She punish unless the fault is deliberate? One may contemplate on God even while lying on bed (when one is sick) or without proper physical cleanliness or rituals. The benefits, however small, will definitely accrue. One should not have the least apprehension about harm or divine displeasure due to errors in worship. If any mistake is committed in the rituals of Tantrik Sadhana , the deities, who are mostly demoniac, may get annoyed and harm an errant Sadhak. However, Gayatri is the Divine Shakti, the affectionate mother, full of forgiveness and compassion. She loves her child who lisps and cannot even speak properly. Gayatri is such a Kamdhenu. Even erroneous worship having righteous aims and objectives becomes fruitful, if it is faithfully done. It is said about Valmiki that he could not even utter Ram properly and by uttering 'mara, mara' attained god liness. In Rightist path of Sadhana , sentiments are more important than rituals. None has been harmed on account of any o mission in the method of Gayatri worship. Still, if there is any apprehension, the guidance of a spiritual master in this path of Sadhana can be sought in the matter.

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