Aatma Bodh

The first practice of pragya-yog is known as self knwoledge (atma-both). As soon as one gets up he should think that he is born today. He has to live only for a day and sleep in the lap of death in the might. The greatest aim of life is to utilize this intervening time in best in best possible manner. This is testing time and on it depends all prospects of future.

Prudence lies in making best use of human birth which is regarded as greatest fortune. Soon after getting up, each day should be regarded as full life and it should be pondered how this valuable trust of Almighty God should be utilized for the purpose for which it has been granted. On this basis, the routine for the entire day should be chalked out. This thinking and pondering should not lake more them fifteen minutes. Care should be taken to fulfill the schedule during the day. If something has been left out it should be completed on the following day.

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