Psychosomatic Ailments

This has been proven medically that symptoms of around 80% diseases of our times are caused by mental processes rather than some physiological causes. 80% Popularly known as life-style disorders, these syndromes are classified as neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders by the World Health Organization.

Man is a social animal. The progress of humanity is the progress of human beings as a society, not of anyone or some individuals. With rapid industrialization and scientific advances we are becoming more and more self-centered and slaves to modern gudgets. Moreover the urban setup restricts everyday interaction with nature. On top of that TV with hundreds of channels, internet, Video games, mobile etc. discourage real human interaction and sharing of light moments with family and group. The stressed executive of today tends to neglect family in order to meet deadlines.

Unfortunately, despite the so-called progress and achievements of past few decades, human nature remained the same. Everyone of us still wants the attention of others, look for appreciation of our accomplishments and find inner satisfaction in helping others, uplifting others, long for honesty and integrity.

So, life not in communion with basic human nature is the root cause of the stressed society of today and giving rise to more and more psychosomatic ailments.

Some Psychosomatic Ailments :-

• Sinus Tachycardia

• High Blood Pressure

• Ischemic Heart Disease

• Diabetes Mellitus

• Hyper Acidity, PU Syndrome

• Ulcerative Colitis

• Migraine, Tension Headache,

• Chronic Backache

• Allergies, Asthma

• Thyrotoxicosis

• Auto Immune Disorders

• Menstrual Disorders

• Anxiety Neurosis, Obsessions

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