Book Exhibitions in different corporate groups

Gurudev, Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya wrote a record number of over 3200 books (in Hindi – now available in other languanges like English also) on almost all aspects of human life. These books cover wide-ranging topics pertaining to:


* In-depth analysis of Spirituality, Psychology and Religion in scientific light

* Yoga, as an Art of Living

* Foundational Elements of Indian Culture

* Science and Philosophy of Gayatri and Yagna

* Activation of extrasensory power centers in the endocrine system

* Unconscious and Super-conscious domains of Mind

* Total Health, Bioelectricity and Biomagnetism, Ancient and Modern Sciences of Alternate Medicine

* Personality Development and Refinement of Talents

* Self-reliant education

* Viable Economics linked with Welfare and Progress

* Agriculture and Non-conventional sources of energy

* Reinvestigation of scriptures with modern perspectives

* Ancient sciences of Astrology and Astronomy

* Moral, Cultural and Social revolutions

* Ascent of Women in the 21st Century

* Origin and expansion of divine culture for new world order

* Future of the world in the next millennium and beyond, ...


   Ereviewers state that the perception, conception and realization of different dimensions of Science, Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality are expressed most vividly in Gurudev’s literature. The depth and expansion of his knowledge seem to have a natural coherence with every impulse of human mind and the subliminal cores of sentiments charged with divine force.

   Gayatri Pariwar Youth Group Bangalore has been arranging various exhibitions in different corporate groups through a mobile van /Sahitya stall accumulating most of his prominent books .

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