Establishment of Disaster Management Think Tank and Task Force

Disaster Task Force Management must be set-up before a disaster occurs so as to ensure smooth functioning of humanitarian efforts . All World Gayatri Pariwar is trying hard to build a Disaster Management Information System (DIMS) . There are special disaster management cell of Gayatri Pariwar local wing in each state and major metropolitan 7 satellite cities.

Gayatri Pariwar further invites different corporate groups so that a well managed disaster management think tank & task force could be organized . Each group clearly aware of the role it has to perform in case of emergencies .Thus effective handling of disaster could be managed .

· Immediate relief - in respect of food and shelter .

· Keeping cost effective pre fabricated shelter ready for emergencies .

· Providing immediate medical needs

· Restoring water and power .

· Organizing Trauma relief centers

· Rebuilding homes for the effected people .

· In the longer term, charities need to help the affected population and attempt to lift those out of poverty.

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