Holistic Health Management

Medical Instrumentation and Biotechnological advancement, Informatics and Telemedicine are wonderful offshoots emerging as promising modes of Healthcare. However, its potential in the crucial field of Holistic Health has not been explored so far. The concept and importance of Holistic Health itself is not well understood by the world despite realizing the lacunae in the modern healthcare system.

   The increasing risks of coronary artery and other cardiac problems and weakening immunity and natural vigor on the one hand and the rising intensity of atmospheric pollution and mental stresses on the other, have attracted people towards yoga, psycho-management, energy-healing and herbal cure, etc but these still continue to be fragmented components of alternative medicine.

   Even if these were integrated with the mainstream healthcare system, the challenges of environmental hazards and pressures of day-to-day life would still need to be countered to achieve total health with rejuvenating strength. Addressing these issues, All World Gayatri Pariwar proposes to focus on some innovative approaches to Holistic Health Management derived from the ancient sciences in association with the corporate world.

A New Concept of Internship:-

   Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya has conceptualized a new pattern of internship i.e more society oriented and related to social welfare. The internship program of the university is 3 dimensional.

   The first dimension is to attach practical expertise with the theories & methods the students have read in the syllabus of their course

   The Second dimension is about spreading the practical perfection and knowledge among the students so that the knowledge which they have learned could be used perfectly.

   The third dimension says creating social commitment & responsibility among the students and creating interest in helping the society.

   Every year from July to September such team of students are formulated who are provided with special training & special packages for stress management workshops , yog & psycho therapies and other alternate therapies are devised .They can also provide life style related advise like diet, nutritional counseling . Health awareness exhibition could be arranged. Such teams are already in operation from last couple of years successfully manifesting the knowledge gained.

Such workshops & courses would offer the following benefits:-

   The course includes stretching exercises for improved circulation and relaxation.

   Specialized techniques, which increase and balance the flow of energy in the body and guided meditation to calm and rejuvenate on all levels.

The program is formulated such that the techniques, methods taught to you would help to harmonize rhythms of nature, body, mind and being effortlessly.

Improvement in one’s ability to deal with stress & negativity, manage them better.It is targeted to improve individual’s perception, observation and expression.

The workshop would enable to achieve a state of heightened alertness, simultaneously with calmness & deep relaxation.

 Improve physical fitness, clarity of mind and dynamism.

Improvement in chronic health problems pertaining to breathing, digestion, blood pressure, sleep disorders, or depression.

All world Gayatri Pariwar proposes practical utility of this teams for the welfare of their employees & their family .

A synergetic collaboration with the Health Dept could help to devise & implement schemes of preventive healthcare along with curative one. The health of your employees is not separable from the health of your organization and the society by large .

Weekend days from Friday to Sunday could be converted partially or fully for such camps ( Pragya Yoga ,Music meditation ,Guided Meditation) .

Monthly camps could be arranged so that majority of employees could be benefited from such programs in batches

A three month dedicated team could be allotted for such camps .

In this cross road where stress & life style disorders in the corporate world are overlapping the health & life span of employees we strongly recommend you to involve the pass outs of DSVV as health officers thus investing in employees' health permanently as preventive measure rather than curative measures .

Already institutes and corporates have started taking a leap in this direction IIT MGt College,Meerut , Indian Air Lines Delhi , Goyal Ganga Group, Pune, Kiran pandikamicals Ltd. Pondichery, Jan Shikshan Sansthan Varanasi, Saksharta Niketan Lucknow , Dainik Jagran, Dehradun , B.H.E.L, Haridwar and many more

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