Perfecting Work Management

Practicals from Yog Sutras:-

Patanjali deals mainly with three aspects:

 How to diagnose & correct negative hurdles in life.
 How to enhance efficiency in day to day life.
 How to develop work perfection.

The first Yog Sutra :-

“Atha Yoganushasnam” (Yog is a discipline in life )

Complete and perfect life style with disciplined way of developing personality potential is priority in vision of Patanjali.

• Sutra 30 tatah kleshakarmanivrattihi 4-30 explains that the sadhak gets rid of Panch Kleshas and all Karmas by awakening of highest wisdom, thereby removing all the obstacles in the path of self-management and work perfection.

By adopting Yog, one can achieve Poornatva in all spheres of life.

Achieving Perfection:-

Yogic Attitude Towards Life: A positive attitude to be adopted in each & every approach which helps in work management and perfection.
Yogic Lifestyle: A way of life which leads to body & mind harmony with skill in all its action
Yogic Techniques & Procedures: Adopting which one can achieve perfection.
Each and everyone can easily practice them to become a successful manager

Important Steps:-

(i) Conserving the life -

energies and their utilization in work management –
"Patanjali yog sutras say that it is necessary to restrict fluctuation of mind stuff "(Yogah Chittavratti Nirodhah - Samadhipad-1, Sutra-2)

(ii) Physical health to be in order:-

Our body should be physically fit to combat all hurdles and tense situations arising in management
Patanjali advises to adopt Asans for making ourselves physically tough and fit “Tato Dwandwan Abhighatah” (2/48)
Mastering the postures one is not overcome by extremes, by cold & heat or any other factor affecting body and mind

(iii) Healthy, Clean and Concentrated Mind:-

After unassailing all extremes by asans, Patanjali devices Pranayam ”Tatah Kshiyate Prakashawaranam” 2/52
• In one whose mind stuff is concentrated, the insight arises in this calm. This insight bears truth & nothing else.
• Only with regular practice of Yog this state of mind can be achieved.

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