Success Stories

  Success of future corporate companies will hinge on whether, in the eyes of the employees and society-at-large, the organization is a trusted member of the community and a good global citizen.

 The corporate’s would require to make ethical and socially responsible behavior the best foundation for building and maintaining a high performance, globally successful business.

Its an humble attempt of All World Gayatri Pariwar (awgp) to develop a harmonious blend of spiritual values & ancient wisdom to be manifested in the corporate culture to bring organizational transformation.

1. Holistic Health Management Medical Instrumentation and Biotechnological advancement, Informatics and Telemedicine are wonderful offshoots emerging as promising modes of Healthcare. However, its potential in the crucial field of Holistic Health has not been explored so far. The concept and importance of Holistic Health itself is not well understood by the world despite realizing the lacunae in the modern healthcare system.

   The increasing risks of coronary artery and other cardiac problems and weakening immunity and natural vigor on the one hand and the rising intensity of atmospheric pollution and mental stresses on the other, have attracted people towards yoga, psycho-management, energy-healing and herbal cure, etc but these still continue to be fragmented components of alternative medicine.

   Even if these were integrated with the mainstream healthcare system, the challenges of environmental hazards and pressures of day-to-day life would still need to be countered to achieve total health with rejuvenating strength. Addressing these issues, All World Gayatri Pariwar proposes to focus on some innovative approaches to Holistic Health Management derived from the ancient sciences in association with the corporate world.

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