How to manage stress

At one point or the other everybody suffers from stress. Relationship demands, physical as well as mental health problems, pressure at workplaces, traffic snarls, meeting deadlines, growing-up tensions—all of these conditions and situations are valid causes of stress.

One problem with all stress management techniques is that while you are into it like getting relaxed on a vacation or taking time out from work to involve in physical activity or some yoga, once you return back to work, the body response again put them to stress some time under more stress than previously experienced.

Study of human nature remained the main area of interest of rishis, who dwell deep into human psyche and experienced the true nature of Self - immortal, indestructible and ever blissful.

The physical body merely being the instrument of the Self must be used as a tool to experience that ever blissful existence and elevate the level of consciousness.

Reinforcement of thoughts:-

Switch your thoughts from - I can never win to I am on my way. I am never good enough to Of course I am a success! There is something wrong with me to I am all right the way I am.

The famous character in 'Kathopnishad' Nachiketa says - 'I am superior to many - I am inferior to some, still I can do something.'

Holistic Approach

  • Change in dietary pattern:- Tryptophan Rich Food, Vegetarian Diet.
  • Subtler exercises:- 'ASANS' (Postures) & 'PRAGYA YOG'.
  • PRANAYAM:- Churning of Vital energy.
  • Proper reading habits:-“SWADHYAY” for Self- Introspection.
  • Proper relaxation:-“SHAVASAN”, Yog Nidra.
  • Music Therapy
  • Mantra Chikitsa.
  • Pulverized herbal powders:- “Aoushadhi Chikitsa”.
  • Homa therapy, Yagna.
  • Avoid isolation, become part of society and devote time for social & selfless service. Try to socialize yourself more often.

Yoga Philosophy adds …..

  • Ability to let go, forgive & forget .
  • Ability to switch off the mind (Dhyan) or slow it down (Dharana).
  • Ability to see things in proper perspective, no super ego, no self pity.
  • Optimism, No Hypochondria.
  • No guilt complex .
  • Ability to live in present in the here and now, neither in past nor in future. Remember past is a canceled check.
  • No obsessions & phobias.
  • Do not become compulsive eater, smoker or drinker. Do not become workaholic.

Quick reminder:-

  • Control Your Anger
  • Breathe properly
  • Slow Down Your Respiration
  • Get Some Fresh Air
  • Avoid Hunger and Dehydration
  • Do a Quick Posture Check Every Time
  • Recharge at the Day’s End
  • Meditation

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