Types of Stress

Stress can be classified into two major types

Eustress and Distress

  • Eustress:-  EU means good. Manageable levels of stress, for reasonable duration, mobilize your resources and get you going on tackling the tasks and problems in your life. Eustress can be defined as a pleasant or curative stress. Stress experienced and coped. We can't always avoid stress, in fact, sometimes we don't want to. Often, it is controlled stress that gives us our competitive edge in performance related activities like athletics, giving a speech, or acting. For any performance-related activity, there is an optimal amount of stress. If you appearing for and exam or interview for a job, you will benefit from a certain amount of stress. It is stress that let you maintain your focus and provide you the 'competitive edge' that will help you respond quickly. Some stressors can cause both good and bad stress. Exercise is most often a good stressor. But over training can cause injury and illness. To continue to exercise when your body is fatigued or weak, can result in a variety of overuse injuries and predispose you to illness.

  • Distress: Improperly coped stress leading to catastrophe. dys means bad. Distress can arise to overburden or under-utilization gives rise to burnout stress syndrome (Boss) and Rust out stress syndrome (Ross). Factors causing distress :

    •     Work Demands
    •     Death of nearer and dearer ones
    •     Crowded and polluted places
    •     Financial troubles

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