Paushtikam Vrashyamayushyam Shuci

. Paushtikam Vrashyamayushyam Shuci Rupavirajanam |
Keshashmashrunakhadinam Kalpanam Sampra sadhana m||
Papopashamanam Keshanakharomapamarjanam |
Harshalaghavasaubhagyakaramutsaha Vardhanam ||

 Meaning: Maharshi Charak (the founder of herbal medicines and Ayurvedic pharmacology) has defined "shaving" as a cleansing and beautifying exercise, which augments health , life span and happiness. The second shloka, which is from Sushruta Samhita, also has similar meaning (Maharshi Sushruta is revered as the founder of surgery in ancient India). It conveys that "shaving" everyday alleviates the evil tendencies of mind , reduces tension and heaviness and induces a cheerful mood and enthusiasm. Therefore everyone who needs it should shave his face every day. It makes one feel neat and energetic. Those who like to grow beard should take care of cleaning it and keeping it orderly (and in proper shape as far as possible). Hair on the head should be cut at least once in 3 to 4 weeks. Women should also keep their hair clean and tidy. [It should be noted that the "kshaurkarma" also implies cleaning and cutting (wherever applicable) hair on all parts of the body and cleaning and cutting the nails]. Nails should also be cut regularly (once a week or fortnightly, in general) and cleaned everyday. The brush, razor etc used for cutting the hair, nail etc should also be kept clean. As far as possible, one should shave and cut the nails by himself; there are chances of infections in a barber’s shop, as he uses the same shaving brush and razor for several people without taking care of disinfecting them regularly.