Vyayamadradhagatrayasya Vyadhirnasti Kadacana

Vyayamadradhagatrayasya Vyadhirnasti Kadacana | Viruddham Va Vidagdham Va Bhuktam Shighram Vipacyate ||

 Meaning: The body is strengthened by regular physical exercise and is prevented from catching diseases. Its capacity of resistance and defense (immunity) against diseases also increases. Physical exercise helps digestion of heavy food (which is difficult to digest easily). Physical exercise is a must to avoid or reduce obesity. Regular exercises of the body keep one fit and cheerful. Such people are free from the ’usual’ problems of old age. Proper physical exercises strengthen the muscles and keep the body in shape, harmonize the blood flow, give power to the lungs and energize the nerves. Physical exercises should always be done at a place where there is sufficient flow of fresh air. For an average man and woman, it is advised to practice physical exercises that use only half or little more of their stamina in a given season. Different types of exercises are recommended for people of different age groups, physique and general health . For example, jogging is very good for young and health y people but it may not suit the older ones. Overdoing an exercise or stretching/stressing any part of the body beyond its limits proves to be harmful. The blind followers of aerobics or those going to the so-called heath-clubs out of craze or ’fitness fashion’ centers should take special note of this. Ayurveda warns us against the negative effects (balardha) of over- or improper (unsuitable to one’s body) exercises: